La comprensión lectora o “Reading” es una de las cinco partes de la prueba del Aptis General. Esta parte requiere tener conocimientos no sólo de vocabulario; sino tambien gramaticales como la conjugación correcta de los verbos, la relación entre los distintos tipos de palabras,… Aquí os dejo una segunda parte de este examen con más ejercicios para practicar actualizado al nuevo formato de examen 2020.

Completa los huecos

En el primer ejercicio, debemos completar los huecos de un texto con las palabras correctas.

1.Recent research shows that people ____(1) spend time meditating each day improve their ____ (2) abilities. It seems that meditation particularly enhances our ability to ____ (3) in creative, unusual ways, in other words, to think ‘ outside the box’ _____ (4) think laterally. It may, then, have been an unfortunate error of judgement on the part of the managemente at VP&Co. to put a stop to the yoga classes that staff ________ (5) for their lunch breaks.’It would seem that our managers have not yet grasped the importance of ______ (6) classes’ explained yoga instructor Emily. ‘ but it is not place to pass judgement on them.

  1. where – when -who
  2. mental – physically – research
  3. draw – think – work
  4. and – or – in
  5. had organised – was organised – is organising
  6. that – this – these

Answers: 1. who 2. mental 3. think 4. or 5. had organised 6. these

2. Emma and Adrien got married _______ (1). They had a baby and then another a year later and quickly _____ (2) the pattern of family life. They concentrated so much on providing a stable environment for ______ (3) children that they neglected their relationship and soon began to take each other for granted. The _______(4) left home and ______ (5) to university and Emma to go through a midlife crisis. She said she was ________ (6) with his daily routine and he wanted to go off and travel the world while she was still young enough. Fortunately, Adrien decided to help his wife and he invited her on a couples cruise for a month. Finally, they both reached an agreement to support each other and achieve their personal dreams.

  1. young – younger – youngest
  2. fall into – will fall into – fell into
  3. our – their – your
  4. children – childs – childhood
  5. would go off – will go off – went off
  6. exhausting – exhaust – exhausted

Answers: 1. young 2. fell into 3. their 4. children 5. went off 6. exhausted

Pon en orden

En el segundo ejercicio del nuevo modelo de Reading de Aptis General se debe ordenar las oraciones de dos textos para darles sentido.

  • A) She is said to be making a speedy recovery.
  • B) Margret Wegner fell over carrying the pencil when she was four.
  • C) A German woman who has spent 55 years with the tip of a pencil lodged in her brain has finally had it removed.
  • D) It punctured her cheek and went into her brain causing excruciating pain, and she has lived with the ensuing chronic headaches ever since.
  • E) At the time, no one dared operate, but the remaining 2 cms of pencil were removed on Friday in a delicate operation.
  • F) Currently she has not suffered any headache again.

Answers: 1C -2B – 3D – 4E – 5A – 6F

  • A) Like other products of human ingenuity, pencils had to be invented.
  • B) It was also possible to use a metal stick to make faint marks on paper.
  • C) After, a large deposit chemical, graphite, was found near Borrowdale in Cumbria, England.
  • D) Because the pencil has become such a fundamental part of our lives. it’s difficult to remember that people have not been using them forever.
  • E) Before the first half of the sixteenth century, people used to use pens to write with and brushes to paint with.
  • F) Soon, tales of this unusual soft substance had spread to artists around the world, who were eager to use it to produce works of art.

Answers: 1D – 2A – 3E – 4B – 5C – 6F

  • A) Maria is well – known in Switzerland, not just for her world-class skiing, but also as an intelligent and extremely popular TV chat show hostess!
  • B) She started skiing competitively when she made her debut in the 1981 World Cup, but since then she has had difficulty in overcoming the challenge of her brilliant team – mates.
  • C) Her 1986 season, in which she won three trophies, has been her best so far, and a Gold in this year’s World Championship would give her the recognition she deserves.
  • D) Maria is 23 year old from Switzerland, who ranks among the world’s best skiers.
  • E) She has an adoring fan club and was the favourite for the 1984 Olympics, and both the 1985 and 1986 World Cups.
  • F) Maria Walliser is currently retired and enjoys all the medals and trophies that she has won throughout her professional career.

Answers: 1D – 2B – 3E – 4C – 5A – 6F

  • A) In total, he has won two Oscars.
  • B) He has been appearing in films since the late 1950s.
  • C) He has appeared in more than forty films, including ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and ‘Heartburn’, and has had eight Oscar nominations.
  • D)His first film was in 1958, but he has been a well-known actor since 1969, when he appeared in ‘Easy Rider’.
  • E) Jack Nicholson was born in 1937 in New Jersey, United States.
  • F) In 2013 he retired from the world of acting, after his great success as a director, screenwriter, actor and producer.

Answers: 1E – 2B – 3D – 4C – 5A – 6F

Opinion matching

El tercer ejercicio consiste en 4 opiniones de diferentes personas sobre un tema. A continuación se indican una serie de preguntas y debemos relacionarlas cada una con una persona (y opinión) del texto.

1.Read four opinions about life in Europe and answer the questions:


This person is a film and tv camerman who lives in Rome; but he is most at home in England. “English is now the only foreign language I know. I owe it to my parents who urged me to learn. They sent me on summer courses in England from the age of 13 onwards. I think I was lucky on the whole, because the families I was with treated me well. When the food wasn’t that great, I went to the nearest Wimpy which was a novelty for me. In Italy, we just had pizza. Currently, everything new in music and fashion comes from there. Perhaps it comes from the two different approaches to unemployment. Her in Italy, young people who are out of work dig around, find odd jobs, try and get by. In England, they’re more likely to start up a band”


This person is a writer and lives in Paris. “It has not taken the Common Market to stitch together the European nations. The currents of influence have always flowed accross borders and always will. The pervasiveness of English pop music on the Continent is not unusual, for example. After all, in the 18th century, all opera was Italian. Moreover, I’ve noticed that my friends either drink Coca Cola or excellent wines. None of this eight franc stuff. I’m afraid the French wine industry will suffer with us”


This person is a trainee hotel manager in Munich. He spent two years in the USA and now speaks fluent English. German rock groups could do well to follow his example, he feels. His music tastes are catholic – from hard rock to classical – but his favourites are main-stream pop. “But there are some good German groups who would find international recognition, I’m sure,if only they sang English lyrics” He travels widely, and feels at home in France, Austria and Switzerland. “I like to try everything and I usually like everything. I don’t stick to traditional German food. I like it, but there are so many other interesting dishes – Italian, French, Chinese,..”


This is a student in London. “My dad is a member of the European Parliament so I lived in Brussels for six years. “I feel like a citizen of the world because of the mentality of the circles in which I grew up. However, I have my preferences. I love Italian and Chinese food but I prefer German music and English literature. However, I have my preferences. I love Italian and Chinese food but I prefer music and English literature. Unfortunately traveling is expensive and I cannot always afford it.”

  1. Who tries to travel frequently despite financial difficulties?
  2. Who learned English from a young age on holidays?
  3. What person thinks customs of their country are being lost with globalization?
  4. What person considers that other countries bring benefits to yours?
  5. Which one of them considers three more countries as his home in addition to his hometown?
  6. Who has lived two years on another continent?

Answers: 1D – 2A – 3B – 4A – 5C – 6C

2. Four people write about their concerns for advice. Read and answer the questions:


My best friend is nineteen and I’m getting very worried about her. She’s always tired, she’s losing interest in everything, and her college work is getting worse and worse. At first she thought she was sad because she had broken up with her boyfriend after two years of relationship. However, she has asked me for a lot of money twice. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s taking drugs. What should I do?


My father lost his job last year and he hasn’t found another one yet. He’s obviously very depressed and he has starting drinking. I have tried to find work to help financially. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything either because I have not finished my studies yet. My faher has only been really drunk a few times, but he’s started getting violent. He keeps threatening to hit my mother, and I’m getting very frightened for her and me. My friend says I should call the police, but if I did, my father might go to prison.


I’m twenty-five and I’ve been going out with a fabulous girl for two years. I would really like to marry her. I even bought an engagement ring and proposed in the most romantic way in the world. But she says that she’s not certain enough about us to marry me, although she’s sure she loves me. It’s making me very unhappy and I don’t know what to do. Should I press her on getting married? Or is she right and should we wait a little longer?


My daughter is seventeen and she’s causing a lot of problems at home at the moment. She started going to a sports club a few weeks ago, where most of the members are older than her, and she’s made a new group of friends. She goes out with these people every evening without telling us where and she comes home very late. I’m beginning to feel very angry with her, and I have told her that she’s too young to behave like this, but she doesn’t listen to a word I say. My wife and I have told him to introduce us to his friends but he doesn’t want to. This makes me worry more.

  1. Who is worried about himself?
  2. What person has tried to find a job?
  3. Who cannot decide between two options?
  4. Which one of them started to worry a few weeks ago?
  5. Who believed that the reason for their concerns was a breakup?
  6. Who is afraid for their own safety?

Answers: 1C – 2B -3C – 4D – 5A – 6B

Matching headings

El último ejercicio consiste en unir una serie de oraciones o pequeños textos (7 en total) con sus títulos.Se incluye un título o encabezado extra.

A – Most people agree that the town centre needs to be improved, but many of you feel that the present plans are too extreme. We ‘d like the developers, Bluebanks, to change their plans a little in order to keep the old town hall.

B – We have every intention of spending more money on social services. Many people in this area are worried about the problems they might face as they grow older. We’re going to build more flats for the elderly and provide resident nurses for them so our senior citizens can feel secure.

C – You’ll remember for ever a visit to this different and very special country – a land of fire and ice, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and glaciers, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Also, older people are highly educated and are valued for their experiences and wisdom.

D – Two weeks by jeep across animal reserves. Days travelling across wild country, full of sights, sounds and smells you have never experienced. Evenings getting to know your guides and travelling companions in front of the camp fire… A magic experience in the wild.

E – A historic place which offers all the advantages of a town with the attractions of country life. This city has been a fashionable social centre and the home of famous actors, writers and politicians for generations. All of the lanes west of the Green take you to the river, with pleasant gardens running down to the water’s edge with its bridges, swans and numerous large and small boats. Unfortunately if you visit this town you will not be able to see all its architectural wonders due to the renovations in the center of the town.

F – It seemed to the generation of Britons alive before the Second World War that their way of like would last for many years to come. However, the war caused a revolution in British life that completely changed the status quo. What had been a fairly similar society up to that point, with people sharing many basic beliefs and values, underwent radical changes after the war.

G – After decades of neglect, it’s not unusual to see buildings which have been boarded up in the inland of Britain. After businesses have closed up for the day, many city centres are depressing, no-go areas. The problems of decay have been piling up for years and will not be solved easily. However, some councils are finally deciding to fix city areas up to attract residents and investors back.


  1. For an action holiday with a difference safari
  2. Caring for the elderly
  3. The growth of the cities
  4. The changing face of Britain
  5. Britain’s Inner Cities
  6. New town centre plans
  7. Iceland – A world of magic and kindness
  8. Richmond upon Thames

Answers: A6 – B2 – C7 – D1 – E8 – F4 – G5

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