Ya vimos anteriormente en que consistía el “Listening” o comprensión oral del examen de Aptis General con el nuevo formato para este año. Hoy le toca el turno al apartado de “Reading” o comprensión escrita.

El examen de Aptis General es un examen oficial del British Council que permite certificar tu inglés hasta un nivel B2 o incluso C. Es reconocido por universidades, empresas y en algunas comunidades autónomas para obtener la habilitación lingüística en educación.

¿Que partes componen el examen de Reading y cuanto dura?

El examen de Reading del Aptis General consta de 4 ejercicios y dispones de 30 minutos para realizarlo. Los ejercicios van aumentando en dificultad progresivamente; partiendo de un nivel A1 – A2 a un nivel B2 – C.

Ejercicios del Reading – Aptis General

1.Completa los huecos – tipo test

Se te presenta un texto con huecos y debes completar con la palabra correcta. Para cada hueco se te dan tres posibles opciones o respuestas. La dificultad del ejercicio requiere tener conocimientos básicos de gramática y vocabulario.


I _____ (1) a job interview with two ______ (2) last week. One of them was _______ (3) back on his chair when suddenly it fell right back and it was soon _______ (4) that he couldn’t get up again. I ______ (5) know if I should try to help or not and I was worried I was going to start laughing. ____________ (6), the other interviewer asked me to wait outside the room for a minute, and then the interview carried on as if nothing had ________ (7). Guess what? They ‘ ve _______ (8) offered me the job!

  1. have – had – will have
  2. person – persons – people
  3. lean – leaned – leaning
  4. clearer – the clearest – clear
  5. don’t – doesn’t – didn’t
  6. Unfortunately – Fortunately – Also
  7. Happened – Happen – Hapened
  8. Just – Too – Really

Answers: Had – people – leaning – clear – didn’t – Fortunately – Happened – Just

Ejercicios similares de completar huecos

2. Pon en orden

En el segundo ejercicio, tienes una serie de oraciones que en conjunto forman un texto o historia. Las oraciones están desordenadas y debes ordenarlas para que el texto tenga sentido. En el nuevo formato de este examen (2020), este ejercicio incluye dos textos con oraciones mezcladas y se deben poner en orden en lugar de una única historia.


  1. Professor Cook begins the programme by talking about Velcro: a material we use every day on our shoes, clothes, purses and bags.
  2. This gave him the idea of making Velcro.
  3. In 1948, Swiss engineer George de Mestral was walking with his dog in the countryside when he noticed that little seeds from a plant were sticking to his dog’s fur.
  4. In this series, Professor Leslie Cook takes a closer look at common objects which were invented by humans, but inspired by nature.
  5. It was inspired by the `hook and loop´ system that some plants use to move their seeds.
  6. He studied the plants more closely and saw how the hooks on the plant attach themselves to the loops and curls of an animal’s fur.

Answers: 4 – 1- 5 – 3 – 6 – 2

Ejercicios similares de ordenar textos

3. Opinion matching

El tercer ejercicio con el nuevo formato cambia. Antes era completar los huecos de texto con posible soluciones. Ahora consiste en un ejercicio de “Opinion matching”. Este nuevo ejercicio consiste en 4 opiniones sobre un tema. Debes relacionar cada opinión con una pregunta. Veamos un ejemplo:


Read the opinions of four people about their economic situation and answer the questions:

Susan: Can I live on my salary? Well, I don’t have many problems really, because I’ m still living with my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I give my mum some rent, but it’s definitely much cheaper than living on your own. I’ve got quite a good salary actually – I´m an engineer. I don’t really spend much because I am saving most of my money. I would like to buy an apartment.

Molly: I find it really hard to live on my income, because I’ ve only got a part – time job. Being single mother means that my mum has to look after my daughter when I’m a work. At least I don’t have to pay for a childcare! The flat we live in is rented, so that’s where most of the money goes. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford our own place, because the bank won’t give me a mortgage. Apart from the rent, my money goes on food and clothes for my daughter.

Peter: I think I’m quite lucky really. I’m fairly healthy for my age, I´ve got enough money to live on, and I’ ve got my children and grandchildren! When I say I’ve got enought money, I don’t have any fancy holidays or anything like that. But I’m confortable. I´ve paid the mortgage, so that’s one less expense, and I haven’t got any bank loans to pay either. My one little luxury is going out for lunch once a week.

John: My wife is a teacher and I’ve got a full- time job at the local supermarket, so we don’t earn that much. And that’s our biggest problem really, because we need someone to look after our son. Our child-minder costs a fortune – we spend more on childcare than we do on our mortgage! Then there’s food and clothes too. Honestly, it isn’t cheap having kids these days!.


  • Who believes that having children is expensive?
  • Who is grandfather/grandmother?
  • Who has a good salary and can save?
  • Who needs the support of his family?
  • Who goes out to lunch frequently?
  • Who can’t get a mortgage to buy a home?

Answers: John – Peter – Susan – Molly – Peter – Molly

Ejercicios similares de “opinion matching”

4. Relaciona los títulos

En el último ejercicio tienes una serie de siete párrafos que componen un texto más grande. Se dan una serie de títulos o encabezados y debes relacionarlo con cada uno de los párrafos dados. Se incluyen uno o dos encabezados extra.

La resolución de este ejercicio implica la comprensión profunda de cada párrafo demostrando un nivel B2 o incluso C.



María Welshy is a writer who has compiled a series of anecdotes or experiences of some people. Let’s see some of them:

Esquiando en la montaña
  1. John was a regular in that train. Today seemed different, probably because of Sally who was in New York for work. They started the conversation casually but both became very close in less than thirty minutes. They exchanged phone numbers, of course. John promptly called a day later – “Wrong number!”
  2. A girl was sitting for her A-levels. She was very confident about her results. She saw her results. The results were so bad that she could not accept them. She screamed and fainted. She was sent to the hospital. In the hospital she became mad. Her life ended up there.
  3. Three years ago I was staying in Miami Beach. I was taking sunbathe when I saw that a shark was eating a child. It was so frighten! All the people leaved the sea quickly. The child’s mum couldn’t stop crying, she was paralised. I’ll never forget this day.
  4. Two years ago Maria was skiing in the mountain. She was running down the mountain when she saw something. She stopped and called her father. They went to see what happen. For an instant they didn’t see anything, suddenly they saw a bear. Since then she hasn’t returned to ski.
  5. It happened two years ago. I was living in Lima and I thought I needed a job. At one point, they called me from a school to go to work the next day.
  6. Since 2001 I didn’t used a wallet. My mother gave me some money, I was putting it in the wallet. I had to pay and I didn’t find the money. I went to my house and I thought that… I’m carried the wallet for this day!
  7.  When my family moved to California I missed many things in Massachusetts, but I was also very excited about California, like being able to surf everyday. We drove there in an R.V. Once two weeks passed I felt better about moving. I couldn’t wait to see my friends and family!
A – Natural territory
B – An oversight
C – Life in a mountain for two years
D – Love at first sight
E – A lucky break
F – With the heart in two places
G – The line between success and failure
H – The worst memory

Answers: 1D – 2G – 3H – 4A – 5E – 6B – 7F

Ejercicios similares de colocar encabezados

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