En este artículo encontrarás una recopilación de supuestos prácticos para las oposiciones a Maestros de Lengua Extranjera: Inglés 2019.

  1. Design three activities to introduce children’s literature for fourth grade class.
  2. What methodology would you use to deal with the pronunciation difficulties of a group of students in the second year of Primary?
  3. What additional resources to the textbook would you use to teach vocabulary and grammar?
  4. What are the advantages of using reading to teach English?
  5. How would you organise space and time when teaching English?
  6. Design two activities to learn English through new technologies.
  7. You are an English teacher at a public school. In the third class of Primary there is a student with Asperger’s Syndrome. What steps would you take with this student?
  8. Design a didactic unit about the family for a first grade class
  9. What assessment tools could you use to evaluate oral and written expression?
  10. What are the advantages of using songs in English class?
  11. As an English teacher in a multilingual school. Is it more advisable to speak only in English or can you use the mother tongue?
  12. Design an activity in coordination with the area of Nature Sciences for a group of 5th of Primary.

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