Una de las partes del examen de Aptis Advanced corresponde, a diferencia de otros exámenes para evaluar el nivel, a una prueba de gramática y vocabulario. Esta prueba, también conocida como “core” está compuesta por 50 preguntas cortas (25 preguntas de gramática y 25 de vocabulario). La importancia de esta prueba reside en que puede llegar a determinar mejor si estas en un nivel u otro. Se puntúa sobre 50 puntos y tiene una duración de 25 minutos.

En este artículo verás con más detalle en que consiste esta prueba y ejercicios para practicar.

Gramática – Aptis Advanced

La primera parte de la prueba son 25 preguntas tipo test de tres opciones.

Es similar al Aptis General solo que con un poco más de dificultad. A continuación un ejemplo de esta parte :

1. James is on holiday. He´s ______ to Italy.

  • a) Gone
  • b) Been
  • c) Travel

2. Maria _____________ English for two years.

  • a) Studies
  • b) Has been learning
  • c) Have been learned

3. Paul is in hospital, _________? Yes, he has been in hospital since Tuesday.

  • a) is not?
  • b) I think
  • c) isn’t he?

4. We __________ for half and hour when it started to rain.

  • a) has played
  • b) had been playing
  • c) played

5. Excuse me, _________ a pen I could borrow?

  • a) have you got
  • b) you have got
  • c) are you having

6. I _________ to live in a small village, but now I live in London

  • a) used
  • b) don’t use
  • c) love

7. Don’t worry about your exam. I’ m sure you ________

  • a) will pass
  • b) pass
  • c) would pass

8. Gary has travelled a lot. He _______ speak five languages.

  • a) could
  • b) were able to
  • c) can

9. That restaurant ______ be very good. It`s always full of people.

  • a) must
  • b) should
  • c) can`t

10. That restaurant _______ be very good. It`s always empty.

  • a) must
  • b) can’t
  • c) should

11. Emma __________ to speak ten languages.

  • a) is supposed
  • b) cans
  • c) are able

12. Sarah is __________ .

  • a) cutting her hair
  • b) having her hair cut
  • c) her hair cutting

13. Ann ________ goodbye to me and left.

  • a) told
  • b) pronounces
  • c) said

14. Do you know what time _____

  • a) does the film start?
  • b) starts the film?
  • c) the film starts?

15. I prefer to drive ________ than travel by train.

  • a) rather
  • b) instead of
  • c) before

16. Kate has read ________ book in the library

  • a) each
  • b) all
  • c) every

17. Does she have a driving license? No, she is not ___________ to have a driving license.

  • a) old
  • b) old enough
  • c) older

18. I am sorry, I am late. I got here __________ I could

  • a) as fast as
  • b) faster
  • c) so fast

19. Maria and Anna are both 23 years old. Maria ___________ Anna.

  • a) is similar age to
  • b) is the same age as
  • c) has same age than

20. They _________ for a long time

  • a) have lived in the same house
  • b) have living in the similar house
  • c) hadn’t lived in the identical house

21. You should tell the police ______ you have any information about the crime

  • a) unless
  • b) in case
  • c) if

22. You can borrow my car ________ you promise not to drive too fast

  • a) unless
  • b) as long as
  • c) if not

23. You can do _____

  • a) as you like
  • b) if you don´t want
  • c) as you as

24. Josh is a terrible driver. He drives _______ the only driver on the road.

  • a) as if he were
  • b) like if he were
  • c) as if he was not

25. It’s good to visit other places. I enjoy _________

  • a) travel
  • b) to travel
  • c) travelling

Answers: a – b – c – b – a – a – a – c – a – b – a – b – c – c -a – c – b – a – b -a – c – b – a – a – c

Mas ejercicios para practicar:

Vocabulario – Aptis Advanced

Esta última parte, a diferencia del Aptis General encontramos 3 tipos de ejercicios (el Aptis General tiene 5 tipos diferentes). Estos ejercicios son unir palabras con sus definiciones, relacionar sinónimos o palabras similares; y unir palabras que suelen ir juntas como “phrasal verbs”…. Son en total 25 preguntas.

Ejemplo de examen:

1. Join the definition with a word.

Words: abstract – bruise – bandage – touristy – issue – tongue – x-ray – lamb – despicable

  1. Children brought up in a bilingual environment may have more than one native language.
  2. A painting that express the artist´s ideas of people or things and is not a realistic representation.
  3. A strip of cloth used for tying around the injured part of a person’s body to protect or support it.
  4. A special photograph that shows bones or organs in the body.
  5. A purple mark that appears on the skin if you fall or are hit by something.
  6. The town is full of hotels and shops; it´s too designed to attract visitores for me.
  7. A young sheep
  8. Very unpleasant or bad, causing strong feelings of dislike
  9. A subject or problem that people are thinking and talking about

Answers: 1. Tongue 2. Abstract 3. Bandage 4. X-ray 5. Bruise 6. Touristy 7. Lamb 8. Despicable 9. Issue

2. Write a word with similar meaning.

Words: Punish – Deal – Request – See – Matter – Lissome – Please – Danger

  1. Discipline
  2. Svelte
  3. Appeal
  4. Wittness
  5. Court
  6. Risk
  7. Business
  8. Agreement

Answers: 1. Punish 2. Lissome 3. Request 4. See 5. Please 6. Danger 7. Matter 8. Deal

3. Complete with the correct word.

Words: Levels – of – high – up – white – in- conditiones – on

  1. Stress ____
  2. _______ – heeled
  3. Proud ______
  4. ______ elephant
  5. Inhumane ______
  6. Get _____
  7. Fill ____
  8. Wake _____

Answers: 1. levels 2. High 3. of 4. White 5. conditiones 6. on 7. in 8. up

Más ejercicios para practicar:

Para saber más sobre el examen Aptis Advanced, pulsa aquí.

Si este artículo te ha resultado de utilidad no olvides compartirlo. Gracias.

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