Aquí os dejo la segunda parte de ejercicios de “listening” similares a los del examen Aptis General del nuevo formato 2020.

3. Comprender un monólogo

En el tercer ejercicio del examen debemos escuchar un monólogo con nivel más alto. A continuación, responderemos dos preguntas tipo test. La dificultad reside en que debemos ser capaces de sacar deducciones y comprender inferencias. Os dejo varios audios para practicar.

Listen and answer the questions:

B2 – Maasai and the lions

1.What is the goal of the Lion Guardians now?

  • a) Hunting lions to protect people
  • b) Educate about the importance of lions and their impact on tourism
  • c) They are part of a ritual of initiation to adult life

2. What does Mingati mean in Maasai culture?

  • a) The characteristic of the lion he had killed
  • b) A prominent feature of his family
  • c) For his abilities to protect lions
B2 – Unusual British Festivals

1.What are the three festivals that take place during the months of January and December?

  • a) Burning of the Clavie, Pancake Day and World Championship Snail Racing
  • b) Burning of the Clavie, World Championship Snail Racing and Black Pudding Throwing Championship.
  • c) Burning of the Clavie, the Up Helly Aa and Burning the Clocks Festival

2. What festival has been celebrated since 1267?

  • a) Onion – eating Contest
  • b) World Gurning Championship
  • c) Black Pudding Throwing Championship

Answers: Maasai and the lions: 1b and 2a; Unusual British Festivals: 1c and 2b

Aptis General Complete

  • Incluye modelos de los exámenes del Aptis (Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking, Grammar and Vocabulary) con soluciones y las transcripciones de los audios.
  • Con recomendaciones y estrategias para resolver los distintos ejercicios
  • Con códigos QR para ejercicios de extra de vocabulario

4. Unir opiniones

En el último ejercicio escuchamos una conversación entre un hombre y una mujer. Se proporcionan una serie de oraciones y debemos relacionarlas con el hombre, la mujer o ambos.

Listen this conversation between a woman and a man about earthquakes. Match sentences with M (man), W (woman) or B (both).

Learn Real English – Earthquake
  • He/She heard a strange noise when the earthquake was happening.
  • He/ She felt an earthquake when she/he was talking with two friends.
  • He/ she moved five years ago
  • He/ she had lived in different places.

Answers: M – W – M – B


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